‘Dear My BOSS Thank you For MY 2 WEEK OFF!’ — Japan World Cup fan’s message goes viral!

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Football fans worldwide were stunned and amazed at Japan’s 2:1 upset victory against Germany, which hadn’t lost a World Cup game since 1978, when they were leading at halftime.

Japanese fans are making headlines for their tradition of cleaning up after every match, a practice that has garnered respect from others. One fan is also making headlines for his handwritten message to his boss, who allowed him to take a few weeks off to enjoy the tournament. The fan wrote, “Dear My BOSS Thank you For MY 2 WEEK OFF!”

The official FIFA World Cup account also made a shout-out to all the bosses out there.

“This Japan fan must have the best boss in the world,” wrote Twitter profile @ODDSbible.

“We all want these kinds of bosses,” added Facebook page Football World.

“I love how he went retro with a pen and ripped off paper like it was the 90s, and his country is like the tech capital of the world. Handwriting has a special precious form of value,” observed Facebook user Basil Armanazi.

The message itself has a deeper meaning, as it is usually frowned upon to take a vacation in Japan.

“This is only note-worthy because Japan has a toxic work culture of expecting staff t...

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