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Today, selling is all about technology. Companies worldwide use solutions such as Salesforce, and Marketo to automate key aspects of their workflows and quickly identify and convert leads. The process works well, but most of these marketing technology (martech) tools operate in siloed environments rather than talking with each other. This can create data gaps and keep teams from realizing the full potential of their tech stack.

While internally built integrations can help, getting them developed can be a challenge. Basically, you have to request an integration, following which engineering and IT teams must code it. They’ll also have to support the integration with extensive data architecture, engineering resources and ongoing maintenance. The entire effort can take 7-18 months.

Datajoin’s micro integrations

Utah-based Datajoin aims to simplify this challenge by providing B2B marketers with micro integrations – a no-code, automated product that integrates first-party sales and marketing data from different existing applications. The company today raised $3.5 million in seed funding.

Micro integrations, Datajoin said, take the complex process of ID resolution and app-to-app integration and simplify it. You just have to identify the data points you need and the product automatically makes data appear in the target application. No data platform or engineering resources are needed.

“Datajoin’s micro...