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As large amounts of data, from both external and internal data sources, have become central to running an organization, a pipeline of technical staffing roles has been developed to manage the collection and processing of that data.

Down in the engine room, if you will, is a data engineer who integrates multiple sources of data and manages the operations that make and keep the data available for business analysis. 

On the top deck is the data analyst, who serves the data from largely pre-formed models to nontechnical business users so they can perform their work.

Mid-deck, between these two, is the data analytics engineer. This is a specialist who understands both data engineering technology and the data analysis needs of a business, and thus can build the analytical models that the upper-deck data analysts and business end users need to fulfill their roles. 


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Therefore, a data analytics engineer is a person who combines the skills of the data analyst and software engineer to source and transform data for easy analysis. Because of their technical dexterity and busines...