Darkness Dessert Review: Traditional Desserts Cafe Open Till 1AM In Tanjong Pagar

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Darkness Dessert at Tanjong Pagar 

To me, Tanjong Pagar reminds me of pretty IG-worthy cafes, such as the likes of Roji Monster and Kreams Krafthouse. On one of my recent strolls around the area, I noticed that the street had welcomed a new kid on the block━Darkness Dessert, which opened its doors in early April with a menu focusing on traditional Chinese desserts. 

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Food at Darkness Dessert

My colleague and I decided to kick off our visit with a favourite of ours, a Black Sesame Paste with Almond Paste ($4.50+).  When I saw the midnight black colour of the paste we were served, I had high hopes, since I love the rich, earthy flavours of Black Sesame Paste.

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