Dark data: Managing the data you can’t see

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In today’s era of seemingly infinite data volume and complexity, many enterprises are unintentionally neglecting an entire category of data that is critical to their data protection and management practices. On average, more than 50% of a company’s data is “dark” – information held up in data repositories with no attached or determined value. In addition to costing an average $26 million in storage expenses per year, dark data poses significant risks to an enterprise’s security and compliance efforts, making it more important than ever to address the foundational issues that cause it. 

Dark data threatens protection

Most businesses lack clarity around the data they need to protect. Because dark data is often out of sight and out of mind for many enterprises, dark data reservoirs – holding sensitive and valuable data – become an enticing target for cybercriminals and ransomware attacks. 

Additionally, nearly half of senior IT decision makers cannot confidently and accurately state the exact number of cloud services that their company is currently using, even as enterprises implement a multicloud approach with both on-premises and public cloud resources as part of their data infrastructure. If an organization fails to shine a light on dark data, especially dark data stored in the cloud, multicloud ...

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