Da Niu Teochew Seafood Restaurant Review: Marinated Raw Crabs, Steamed Clams And More In CBD

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Da Niu Teochew Seafood Restaurant has marinated crab and raw prawns in Outram

As someone of Teochew heritage, feasting on big, steaming servings of soon hock alongside aromatic slices of braised duck ranks among some of my fondest childhood memories—so you can imagine my excitement when I was tasked to review Da Niu Teochew Seafood Restaurant!

Nestled among hip and trendy cafes such as Kream & Kensho and Dolc Patisserie, Da Niu Teochew Seafood is owned and operated by chef Daniel “Da Niu” Teo. Having grown up in the Chaoshan region of China, the birthplace of Teochew cuisine, chef Daniel opened the restaurant in 2020.

Since then, the restaurant has offered authentic Teochew dishes made with high quality, fresh ingredients. Curious, we paid them a visit to try it for ourselves.

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Food at Da Niu Teochew Seafood Restaurant

As we settled into our seats, chef Daniel came over and insisted that we try their Signature Marinated Roe Crab ($90+), as well as Marinated Raw Prawns (market price). To be honest, I was a little appr...

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