Cut through the red tape by empowering citizen data analysts

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Whether you’re stuck in line at the DMV or in limbo getting a project approved, red tape is the enemy of progress — and it plagues enterprise data.  

The growth of enterprise data has overwhelmed IT departments, which face a severe backlog that’s delayed the average company’s IT projects by three months to a year. Employees are stuck waiting on an open IT ticket before they can access vital datasets, making it difficult to reap the benefits of next-generation data analytics.

Enter citizen data analysts: nontechnical business users who can access data, create their own data solutions and use analytics to inform and improve their work. By empowering employees outside the IT department to take ownership of their own data needs, enterprises unlock the full potential of data analytics — without the wait. 

Take a load off IT’s plate

Data touches every part of the modern enterprise, with data volumes projected to grow tenfold by 2025. From sales to finance to HR, every department can employ data to make sound decisions and track goals along the way. In fact, the average company uses five internal applications to support their decision-making — and one out of five uses more than 20. 

Despite recognizing the value of data, however,

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