Crystal Jade Diner Suffers Cut From Shattered Lamp, Restaurant Apologises & Assures Safety Is Priority

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Floor Lamp Falls & Shatters At VivoCity Crystal Jade Pavilion Restaurant On 20 Sep

When dining out at a restaurant in Singapore, most of us don’t often find ourselves worrying about our safety.

But on Tuesday (20 Sep) afternoon, Dr Julian Tang and his brother were having a meal at VivoCity’s Crystal Jade Pavilion when a floor lamp fell over, narrowly missing them and shattering on the ground.

Image courtesy of Julian Tang

Dr Tang, who described the incident as a “near-fatal” experience, said they were shocked when it happened.

He also expressed disappointment about the way staff handled the incident.

Crystal Jade has since apologised and assured customers that their safety is of utmost importance to the restaurant.

Restaurant lamp falls & cuts customer

On 15 Sep, Crystal Jade Singapore announced that their outlet at VivoCity has been revamped and is now known as Crystal Jade Pavilion.

However, just a few days later on 20 Sep at 12.35pm, Dr Tang and his brother were dining at the new restaurant when the tall and heavy floor lamp fell over.

Speaking to MS News, he said the lamp missed his shoulder and his brother’s face by “mere centimetres”.

Despite the narrow miss, they did not escape without injury. His brother suffered a small cut on his hand.

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