Convenient tap-and-go commutes: More Singaporeans using contactless payment for transport

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The 2021 Visa Urban Mobility study revealed that convenience is a key driver in the increased adoption of credit card and mobile wallet payment methods for commute

Media professional Zach Neo uses his smartwatch to tap and pay for his MRT commute to the office.

The 39-year-old has not used his stored-value travel card to pay for his bus and train rides since he bought his smartwatch two years ago.

Instead, he uses a credit card stored on his smartwatch to pay for his commutes.

“It’s much easier and faster for me to use my smartwatch, rather than fumble through my wallet to get my stored-value travel card out,” says Mr Neo, who now commutes to his office in One-North two days a week. He works from home three days of the week. 

“I don’t even need to top up my stored-value travel card as I pay for my commute with my credit card.”

He is a frequent user of contactless payments, using his smartwatch to pay for shopping or at F&B outlets.

As a result, he hardly carries any cash with him. In fact, he can’t remember the last time he withdrew cash from the ATM.

Contactless transactions replacing traditional payment mode

A survey conducted by Visa last ye...

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