Commentary: With so much to do as we grow older, can we ever ‘fully’ retire?

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SINGAPORE: Retirement adequacy has been a talking point in Singapore, on the back of changes to the Central Provident Fund (CPF) monthly salary ceiling and the Retirement Sum Scheme’s minimum monthly payouts.

As lawmakers debate how else Singapore can better address the needs of an ageing population, questions about whether retirement is within reach of the average citizen loom large. But another question to ask is whether people aspire to full retirement these days.

Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong said at a forum in January that the majority of people in Singapore want to work longer so long as they are healthy, pointing out that “there is something fundamental and important about work”.

These comments provoked discussion online about whether it really is true seniors want to work as long as they can.

There appears to be a number of social media users who do not agree. After all, wouldn’t most people want to be free from the stresses and monotony of working life, and do all those things that couldn’t be done because work got in the way?

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