Commentary: Ukraine winning the propaganda war will be an advantage on the battlefield

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While the Kremlin focuses on ineffective censorship and false narratives, Ukraine's diplomatic engagement with the West is finding much greater success, says this professor.

President Zelenskyy shakes the hand of an injured soldier during a visit to a military hospital following fighting in Kyiv. (Photo: AFP/Ukrainian Presidency Press Office/Handout)

LEICESTER, England: Along with success on the battlefield, wars are often won or lost through information advantages. In the Russia-Ukraine conflict, we might have expected Russia – an old hand at propaganda – to have bested Ukraine early on.

Russia’s deception operations have had a long history of global influence, most recently the troll farms that influenced the 2016 United States presidential election in favour of Donald Trump.

In the current conflict, Russia’s propaganda efforts have consisted largely of censorship within Russia to maintain the fiction of the conflict being a “special military operation” rather than an invasion. Russia has created the narrative that this military o...

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