Commentary: Should you expect your romantic partner to ‘get’ your career?

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SINGAPORE: In a time when work consumes much of our lives, it is not surprising for couples to have met through work, or work in related industries.

Some studies estimate a third of couples meet at work, though that figure has been falling with the advent of dating apps. In a 2017 survey in Singapore, up to 52 per cent of singles say that they’re open to dating someone from the same company.

Regardless of how they’ve met, couples today expect more from each other besides just financial security or romantic companionship. Many want support, whether emotional or practical, from their partners in their career journeys.

In fact, researchers from the London School of Economics found that working in the same industry increases a couple’s well-being because partners have a better understanding of job demands and can help each other along their career growth.

I work in a totally unrelated field to my wife. While we met 12 years ago as polytechnic classmates, we quickly diverged in careers. I work with stories in the media industry, she works with numbers in the automotive industry.

But it is only natural to want to support one another - which is why for as long as we’ve been together, I’ve sought advice from more seasoned couples on how we can do so.


With many of our waking hours spent at work, it tends to become the topic of conversation during quality time with our partners. From gossip and woes to breakthroughs and milestones, these frame deeper conversations about why we work and how we strive towards our goals, both personally and as a couple.

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