Commentary: Don’t just blame the FAS, make football part of the societal fabric again

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It’s about time we stop treating the Football Association of Singapore as the whipping boys of Singapore’s footballing nadir, and take a long hard look at ourselves, says sports enthusiast Alywin Chew.

For many people growing up in my generation, football wasn’t just a sport. It was an intrinsic part of the societal fabric. (Photo: Ngau Kai Yan)

SINGAPORE: My first encounter with football was in the early 1990s when my grandfather took me to the old National Stadium to catch a Malaysia Cup match between Singapore and a team from across the Causeway.

Was it Kedah? Or Selangor? Or perhaps Pahang? I can't remember the exact details - this was about 30 years ago - but I do remember it was supposedly an important match against a tough opponent.

The experience was a memorable albeit unnerving one. The cavernous stadium was packed to capacity, making it ...

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