Codium announces Codiumate, a new AI agent that seeks to be Devin for enterprise software development

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One of the most well-read VentureBeat articles in recent weeks has been our coverage of Devin, an AI “software engineer” from startup Cognition that can autonomously write code, even full applications, given natural language instructions from a user.

It makes sense, as this type of capability would be hugely helpful for software developers, managers, and those who employ them. Already, leading AI influencers such as University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business professor Ethan Mollick have posted examples of Devin effectively coding together entire websites for them.

But for enterprises looking to maintain existing codebases and apps, and push updates to their software for employees or customers in high-security, highly regulated industries such as finance, healthcare, law, government, and telecommunications — the idea of turning loose an AI software engineer all on its own to do these tasks may be slightly less appealing.

Another new Israeli startup, Codium AI, is trying to make it possible for enterprises to reap the benefits of autonomous AI coding while also still retaining human oversight and compliance with regulations and existing software.

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