Coachella and Avalanche create Web3 loyalty game for Coachella Quests

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Coachella and Avalanche have partnered to launch Coachella Quests, a new blockchain-based loyalty game to drive engagement and loyalty.

It’s another form of gamification, this time powered by Web3 technology.

Fans who complete Quests will earn non-fungible token (NFT) Stamps and Points that grant access to exclusive festival benefits and experiences. As fans progress through the game and engage in more Quests, they’ll become eligible to redeem rewards, such as a mystery merch box, access to VIP lounges, unreleased music, and much more.

One fan who completes all Quests and earns enough XP to advance to the highest level will be randomly selected to win the grand prize: access to the Coachella Key, a rare NFT that comes with two 2025 festival guest passes.

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Sample quests

Disco Shark Quest: Fans will be asked to find a QR code hidden around the Yuma tent, & a limited number per day will be able to collect a Stamp that unlocks a limited-edition, physi...

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