CNY Festive Feast from Kuriya Japanese Market!

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Preparing for that big CNY meal can be an onerous task! So, if you’ve found yourself quite undone by the fact that you only have 1 weekend to CNY, why not relieve yourself of some of the stress by ordering items from the Kuriya Japanese Market CNY catalogue? They have added some Japanese touches to CNY staples like Yu Sheng, Pen Cai and Bak Kwa that would make your CNY meal a little more special than previous years!

All the cooked dishes come conveniently vacuum sealed in a Sous vide bag and just need to be steamed or boiled to be reheated. Each comes in its own cooler bag which can be reused for your supermarket runs.

Sashimi Yuzu Yu Sheng

Above: Abundance Yu Sheng (12pcs Salmon, 8pcs Maguro, 8pcs Kanpachi) $61.80 nettBlessings Yu Sheng (6 pcs Salmon, 6pcs Maguro) $50.80 nett

What better place to order your Yu Sheng (lit raw fish) than Kuriya Japanese Market which specializes in bringing in fresh sashimi grade fish like Salmon, Maguro and Kanpachi. It may be timely to recall the history of Yu Sheng and be proud of the fact that this is a dish that’s invented here in Singapore. Today, there are many different versions of this festive raw fish salad and Kuriya’s Japanese version sees the addition of the citrusy yuzu flavour in the sauce and Wakame seaweed in the salad.

Each set comes complete with a little instruction sheet with all the “blessings” that you should say when adding each ingredient! Don’t worry, they are in Chinese, not Japanese!

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