Citrix exec explains why orgs are using DaaS to secure hybrid workspaces: Q&A

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Striking the balance between remote working and security is something that few organizations have achieved. 

Research shows that 67 percent of business-impacting cyber attacks targeted remote workers, resulting in a loss of confidential data, interruption of daily operations, ransomware payout, financial loss or theft, or theft of intellectual property. 

However, as remote and hybrid working create new security risks, many organizations are looking to Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solutions to provide secure remote access to critical resources. 

One of the key reasons is that DaaS solutions enable users to connect to virtual apps and desktops without accessing data locally on the device, making it more difficult for cyber criminals to steal sensitive information, while enabling security teams to implement zero-trust network access for apps.

VentureBeat recently spoke to Executive Vice President of Business Strategy at Citrix, Tim Minahan, to find out about the biggest challenges in securing hybrid workspaces and how DaaS solutions are helping enterprises to meet these security challenges.  

Below is an edited transcript of the conversation. 

VentureBeat: What do you see as the biggest security challenges in securing hybrid workspaces? 

Minahan: Employees used to come to the office every day and work from company-managed assets. Today, they may be working a...

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