Chuan Cheng Wanton Noodle – This Hougang Stall Also Serves Excellent Roasted Meats!

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Posted on September 18th, 2022

We love finding hidden, under-the-radar gems in unassuming coffee shops. A lot of time, these stalls are often just visited by residents in the area because it’s nearby. But you gotta give credit where it’s due and Chuan Cheng Wanton Noodle is definitely deserving of attention, particularly for their roasted meats! They also serve up a decent plate of wanton noodles that’s worth a go. 

Come lunchtime, Chuan Cheng Wanton Noodle receives a steady queue of hungry patrons. They offer a mix of rice and noodle dishes on the menu, with roasted meats such as Traditional Roasted Sausage Rice ($3.50), Roasted Pork Noodles ($3.80), Pork Ribs Rice ($4), Roasted Duck Drumstick Noodles ($6.50) and even Combination Platters ($13 for twin, $18 for trio). 

For bigger groups looking to share dishes between them, opt for choices like the Roasted Duck ($22 for half, $43 for whole), Char Siew ($43 for 1kg) and Pork Ribs ($43 for 1kg). 

I decided to go for a Char Siew Roasted Duck Rice ($5) combo and was given a simple plate of white rice topped with hefty chunks of roasted pork belly and duck...

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