Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun To Open In Woodlands And Tampines With New You Tiao Rice Rolls

4 months ago 141

Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun in Woodlands and Tampines

With 11 branches islandwide, there’s no need for anyone to travel far for their Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun fix. This March, it gets even easier for residents of Tampines and Woodlands, where their newest stalls will open on 14 March and 17 March 2022 respectively. That’s not all the good news, because the cheong fun specialist will also be introducing you tiao chee cheong fun, AKA zha leong, for a limited time!

Image credit: Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun

If you’ve never had zha leong before, it’s a classic Hong Kong-style dim sum dish, where sticks of you tiao are wrapped in silky rice noodles. It’s doused in the savoury soya sauce dressing, and each bite is meant to be a medley of crispy, smooth, and savoury all at once.

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