Chart of the day: Mental health in North Region most ‘strained’ in Singapore

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Almost 2 out of 5 Singaporeans have high mental health risks.

This chart from the Mental Health Index from LifeWorks shows the mental health index score across all regions in Singapore with the North Region scoring the lowest score at 58.4 in April.

Mental Health Index scores of 80 to 100 are optimal, 50 to 79 are strained and 0 to 49 are distressed.

“The mental health scores across all regions in Singapore are significantly strained. The lowest mental health score is among respondents living in the North Region (58.4), followed by those in the North-East Region (58.8), and the West Region (59.6). Respondents living in regions where the mental health scores were comparatively better are still showing strain. These include the East Region (63.2), and the Central Region (61.6),” LifeWorks said.

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Overall, the report revealed that 39% of Singaporeans are at high risk, 46% are at moderate risk with only 14% are at low risk. Approximately 30% of people in the high-risk group report diagnosed anxiety or depression,7% report diagnosed anxiety or depression in the moderate-risk group, and 1% of people in the low-risk group report diagnosed anxiety or depression. 

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