Case to roll out new features on Price Kaki mobile app including online shopping

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SINGAPORE - A mobile app by the consumer watchdog that lets users check prices of supermarket items will be rolling out new features including one that tells them where to buy a basket of items at the lowest price and another that will allow them to buy the groceries through the app.

The Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) plans to roll out the new features on its Price Kaki app from the third quarter of this year. One of them, Shopping List, would allow users to create a virtual basket of items, calculate how much that basket would cost at the supermarket nearest to them and find out where they can purchase that basket of items at the lowest price.

Case president Melvin Yong, who is also the MP for Radin Mas, said Price Kaki now only lets a user look up individual prices of items across different supermarkets, but in reality, most consumers buy several items at one go when they make a grocery run. "The cost savings for one item may be quite little, but it is substantial when you're looking at a basket of items."

Another feature in the pipeline is Shopping Cart, which allows users to check out their items from a partner online retailer. Mr Yong noted: "After browsing, the next logical thing you want to do is to buy. Now, you don't have to separately log onto the supermarket's retail website; you can buy directly and check out straightaway."

Case is looking at integrating the online retail websites of Singapore's major supermarkets into the app so users can browse and buy groceries on the same platform. They are also hoping to get other online retailers onboard from the fourth quarter of this year.

Mr Yong said Case was in talks with potential partners including e-marketplaces and online grocers and could not give further details.

In a blog post on Thursday, he said the app had crossed the 100,000 download milestone.

Among other updates are plans to gamify the app in 2023 so users can complete task-based challenges in exchange for vouchers from supermarkets or Project Kaki's other partners.

Mr Yong said that like online retailers Lazada and Shopee, which incorporate games into their platforms, the aim is to es...

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