Canton Delicacies Review: $3.50 Salted Egg Pork Rice And More By Ex-Marriott Chef At Geylang Bahru

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Canton Delicacies at Geylang Bahru

I may love my pasta and potatoes, but there’s nothing like good ol’ Chinese food—and white rice—to soothe the soul. Being Cantonese and all that, my attention was caught when I first saw Canton Delicacies rise to fame online for their affordable steamed pork patties, soups and many more.

Manning this hawker stall is Chef Ericson Ng, a 30-something-year-old chap who spent more than a decade at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant at Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel. By his side is his wife Candyce, who takes orders and settles the administrative side of things while he runs the kitchen show.

Food at Canton Delicacies

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