Call of Duty MWIII Season 3 Patch is huge, here are the best bits including Snoop Dogg

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Season three of Modern Warfare 3 is upon us and it is a big one. New operators, maps, and events, they are all here – including the leaked Cheech and Chong and Snoop Dogg operators. Of course, all this takes away from the feel of the game a bit like the Warhammer collab last season, but this is CoD right, you haven’t played it for the milsim aspect of things for years, have you?

There is a ton to get through here and we will be covering the Warzone patch notes separately, but the official CoD site has given us some great information, so let’s pull out some of the best bits and see what is what.

The patch goes live at 9 am, PT so not long to wait now

Modern Warfare Season 3 Patch Notes

New Maps

Season 3 introduces a total of six 6v6 Multiplayer maps to Modern Warfare III.

Three of these maps are brand-new locales and layouts, while the other three are fresh yet familiar experiences. Look for the Emergency 24/7 Playlist at the start of the Season, with other exciting Playlists to follow in the coming weeks.

  • 6 Star
  • Tanked
  • Emergency
  • Growhouse
  • Grime (In-Season)
  • Checkpoint (In-Season)

New Modes


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