Business Reporter: Video platforms scaled for enterprise adoption

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Investment in resilient video infrastructure delivers a cutting edge for the enterprise

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 21, 2022 / -- In an article published on Business Reporter, Paul Sparta, Chairman and CEO of Vbrick talks about how leading global brands are embracing enterprise video platforms (EVPs) to drive growth, innovation and organisational transformation. Although consumer video platforms have set the standard for user experience, they can’t be safely scaled for live broadcasts on corporate networks. Moreover, they lack the security and access control functionalities which are mandated in an increasing number of corporate and public sector environments. Thanks to the bandwidth that the simultaneous use of video applications such as large-scale webcasts, videoconferences and centralised video libraries require, connectivity problems and service disruptions will arise in the absence of a purpose-built corporate video network.

EVPs, on the other hand, are great tools for managing video content ranging from delivery and enrichment to analytics and integration. For organisations working with highly sensitive video content, an EVP provides multiple protection layers supporting approval processes that precede the publication of any video content, identity and access controls, as well as the capabilities to block unauthorised actions and to monitor whether training content is consumed as scheduled. Moreover, establishing a searchable library of how-to videos answering staff’s IT-related questions on demand can lead to an up to 26 per cent drop in helpdesk requests.

To learn more about how can an EVP enhance the delivery of your business strategy, read the article.

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