Briton arrested for not wearing a facemask in Singapore is remanded in a MENTAL HEALTH ward

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A British ex-pat on trial in Singapore for refusing to wear a mask on the subway has been remanded into a mental hospital after declaring the court hearing 'ridiculous.'

Benjamin Glynn, originally from Yorkshire, berated the judge on Thursday calling the proceedings 'disgusting' and 'preposterous' as spectators cheered in the public gallery. 

The 39-year-old was originally arrested for failing to wear a mask on the train on May 7, but has been further charged for refusing to wear a face covering at his first court appearance last month. 

Prosecutor Timotheus Koh told the judge he had communicated with Glynn's friends and family who spoke of a 'marked change of behaviour' since the pandemic started.

'The accused's behaviour in court speaks for itself,' Mr Koh added. 

Glynn shot back: 'My mind is crystal clear. I'm wide awake. I'm enlightened. Just because I refuse to be a slave, you accuse me of being a lunatic.'

Throughout the hearing, Glynn declared that he was a 'sovereign' - an apparent suggestion he was the authoritative power - and denounced the legitimacy of the court, saying he would neither plead guilty nor not guilty.

Benjamin Glynn, 39, went viral on the internet in May after he was filmed refusing to wear a mask on the subway in Singapore

Glynn also lost a new job he was due to start in the UK and fears he could have to spend as much as 12 months on bail before his trial

Another sovereign who refused to wear mask on MRT towards Redhill last night. What shall we do to these people?

Posted by Keefe Chan on Friday, May 7, 2021

The married father-of-two further claimed that he had been 'kidnapped and abducted' and 'tortured physically and psychologically.'

He says he spent 18 days 'being tortured in Changi Prison.'

Glynn urged the judge to return his passport so that he could travel home to Britain to see his wife and children.  

'They've stolen my passport, my God-given right to travel,' he said.  

'I can't believe this has been going on since the 8th of May,' Glynn said, according to

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