Bread Garden CNY Cookies: Baked Fresh in Singapore

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Even if you don’t normally eat cookies, Chinese New Year is that time of the year when you would allow yourself indulgence, especially during visitations. There is such demand for these treats that some supermarket shelves were already decked with Lunar New Year goodies before the Christmas season was even over. This Chinese New Year season, we checked out Bread Garden’s range of CNY cookies. What we like about Bread Garden’s CNY offerings is that they use premium ingredients and are baked fresh locally without the use of preservatives. It’s the next best alternative to baking them yourself!

Here’s a review of their signature CNY cookies.

Premium Pineapple Tarts

Premium Pineapple tarts $28.80/jar

When it comes to pineapple tarts (or balls as they should more accurately be called), I am rather particular. Having made many batches of them before finalizing my own pineapple tart recipe, and I am pleased to report that Bread Garden’s premium pineapple tarts have a nice powdery pastry which coats the mouth with buttery goodness that just begs for a sip of hot kopi so that you can pop in the next one. They use the same Australian butter which I would recommend for my own recipe and their pineapple jam is specially procured so that it is less sweet. Well worth the calories!

Premium Bamboo Charcoal Pineapple Tart

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