Brave Now Lets You Customize Search Results—for Better or Worse

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Anyone can create or alter a Goggle. However, at the launch of the beta, Brave created eight different Goggles as examples. (It says these will be deleted once people create their own). These examples include Goggles to re-rank search results to remove copycat pages, removing search results from the top 1,000 websites, boosting content found on technical blogs and more.

Pujol says that Brave created Goggles—which it first outlined in a 2021 white paper—to try to help remove biases from search results, including those in Brave’s search, and give people more choice. “Biases are everywhere: the underlying data, which sites are easier to crawl, which models are chosen, feature selection, presentation biases, popularity, the list can go on indefinitely,” Pujol says. It is very hard, if not impossible, to remove all biases from search results.

“Goggles will allow the creation of multiple universes within which users could search,” says Uri Gal, a professor of business information systems at the University of Sydney. Gal adds that the move is welcome in a search market that “has seen little innovation or competition” over the last couple of decades. “It would reduce the risk of people getting a single view of reality—or that portion of reality that they are interested in—that is created and maintained by a single platform (e.g. Google, Facebook) based on proprietary algorithms,” Gal says.

Brave knows that people may use Goggles to reinforce their worldview and filter subjects that align with their existing beliefs. At launch, both right- and left-leaning political Goggles have been created by AllSides, an American company that rates media organizations for their political bias. “We believe in freedom of speech, and as such, it is not for us to decide what is right...

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