Braise Lu Zhi Jia Review: $3.50 Lu Rou Fan And Braised Pork Bowls At Golden Mile

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Braise Lu Zhi Jia at Bugis

The best memories I have from my trip to Taiwan in 2019 definitely revolve around their lu rou fan. With delicious, fatty cuts of pork on a bed of white rice, I loved it so much that I made it my mission to find one in Singapore that could compare. After many misses, I read about Braise Lu Zhi Jia’s $3.50 lu rou fan online, and was delighted to find a possible worthy contender. 

Braise Lu Zhi Jia is run by MJ and his wife, Amy. The both of them wake up as early as 5am to start preparations for their 11am opening time. They sell out as early as 1pm, so we decided to play it safe and pre-order our food, which you can do by contacting MJ on WhatsApp. 

Food at Braise Lu Zhi Jia 

Besides the lu rou fan that we came here for, Braise Lu Zhi Jia’s menu focuses on serving various cu...

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