Blue Smoke Review: When an Asian Chef gets hold of a Smoker

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Me: Hey, I know this place that sells modern Teochew food! You: Oh yeah! Let’s go!Me: It used to be called “The 1925 Brewing Co”You: Huh? I thought you said Teochew food?Me: Now its called “Blue Smoke” You: You’re messing with me, right?Me: Let me tell you the story.

Chef Ivan Yeo

From The 1925 brewing Co…

The 1925 Brewing Co was founded by an Uncle and his two nephews. One brews, the other, stews.

In 2014, they started a microbrewery selling Asian-inspired Artisan Beer; think lychee lager and “Liang Teh” an ale brewed with chrysanthemum flowers. The other brother, Ivan, a graduate of the “YouTube Culinary Institute”, took over the kitchen and created a modern Teochew Menu; think Teochew style ceviche and fish soup powered by an 8-year-old homemade Ti Poh (dried sole fish). The innovative self-taught chef was awarded the WGS Asian Cusine Chef of the Year, 2020, for his culinary prowess.

…to Blue Smoke

Just before Covid struck, Ivan had gotten himself involved in a farm-to-table concept in Choa Chu Kang where he learned the rustic art of smoking meats. But the project was prematurely terminated by Covid. However, with his newfound knowledge, he acquired an “Oklahoma Joe” smoker, revamped the menu, and renamed the restaurant “Blue Smoke”. If you think his idea of Teochew ceviche is progressive...

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