Blue Pea Flower Nasi Lemak – with USA Calrose Rice

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Blue Pea Flower Nasi Lemak and condiments

Nasi Lemak is enjoying quite a resurgence in our local food scene with many new stalls opening up in recent years. And so is the popularity of blue pea rice which differentiates Nonya style Nasi Lemak with Malay or even Chinese style Nasi Lemak.

The Blue Pea flower, Clitoria Ternatea has traditionally been used in Nonya cooking as food coloring for funerals. However, in recent times, that traditional usage seemed to have been forgotten as the general population are attracted to its deep lavender blue color.

Aside from just its alluring color, the blue pea flower has traditionally been used in Ayurvedic medicine to improve mental function and a plethora of other uses. There are also reports that taking too much of it can cause nausea and diarrhoea!

Video showing the recipe steps

Making blue pea rice is actually quite easy! The traditional way of doing it is to add boiling water to the flowers, squeeze out the juice and add the Blue color dye to the rice. However, thanks to Mylene, my helper, we came up with a simpler way of colouring the rice which results in a vibrant and speckled colour which is really attractive!

By adding extra virgin coconut oil and pandan leaves, the blue pea rice is easily made into a light and fragrant rice which can be used as Nasi Lemak rice and served with your favourite a side dishes!

Beautiful and Fragrant Blue Pea Flower Rice

Vibrant and speckled blue pea flower coloured rice!

When I first posted my blue pea flower rice on Facebook and Instagram, everyone wanted to know how I created the mosaic like blue hues in the rice.


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