Bishop & 4 others injured in Sydney church stabbing incident

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Graphic content warning: This article contains depictions of injury and violence that some readers may find distressing. Viewer discretion is advised.

A Christian bishop was injured after he was allegedly stabbed while giving a sermon at the Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley, Australia on Apr. 15.

Four other people also suffered injuries, reported Australian news site 9news.

The injuries of those involved were "non-life threatening", the New South Wales Police Force said in a Facebook post on Apr. 15.

The post added that the police were alerted to the incident at around 7:10pm, and that a man was arrested at the scene.

What happened

According to 9news, Mar Mari Emmanuel was giving a sermon when he was attacked.

The incident was captured on video as the sermon was being live-streamed, and footage was uploaded on Instagram.

In the video, Emmanuel could be seen standing at the altar as a man clad in a dark-coloured hoodie approached him and started to lunge at the bishop repeatedly with an object.

It is unclear what the perpetrator used to stab Emmanuel.

Churchgoers then hurried forward to intervene.

The man continued stabbing Emmanuel in the chest after the latter fell down, reported The Sydney Morning Herald.

Four men injured, eleven ambulances deployed

Four men aged between 20 and 70 were reportedly injured in the incident, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

A total o...

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