Bird Appears ‘Frozen’ In Sky Over HDB Estate, People Joke It’s A Kite

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Bird Hovers In Place Over HDB Estate As If It’s Frozen

Birds in HDB estates are often perching on trees, clothes drying racks, or waddling on the ground searching for food. But one particular bird was strangely seen staying still in the sky, its wings partially spread, as though frozen in place.


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The bizarre sight befuddled many people, who couldn’t help but wonder if it’s a natural phenomenon.

Bird appears ‘frozen’ as it hovers in the sky

On 7 Aug, TikTok user @nicolelinjc uploaded footage of what seemed to be a bird hovering aimlessly in the sky over an HDB estate.

Throughout the nearly two-minute clip, the creature was unmoving, as though held in place by an invisible force.

Source: @nicolelinjc on TikTok

The post has since gained traction online, with almost 400,000 views at the time of writing. The video also made its way to the

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