Bangkok Jam’s New Vegan Menu Has Plant-Based Green Curry Chicken And Shrimps With Glass Noodles

10 months ago 48

Bangkok Jam has vegan Thai food at Great World

With three outlets across the country, Bangkok Jam is quite a recognisable name when it comes to Thai food. The brand isn’t ready to rest on its laurels just yet, though, as it has come up with a new menu that’s more inclusive than ever: while there’s still the usual fare, almost half of the menu now features vegan items.

This revamped menu is currently only available at the Great World outlet, but it will be made available at Plaza Singapura and Marina Square by the end of the year. 

Made with plant-based products by renowned brands such as HAPPIEE!, Shandi Global, Love Handle, OnlyEg and many more, Bangkok Jam’s vegan dishes are delicious—at least to this Thai food fan. Even though meat substitutes are used for these dishes, you still get the yummy flavours of Thai cuisine. 

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