Bali’s Coolest Theme Park Has A Rooftop Roller Coaster, 3D Ride, & Go-Karts For Your Next Getaway

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Trans Studio Bali – Indoor theme park in Seminyak 

The mention of “Bali” often makes us think of the sea, beach clubs, and rice padi fields. While Singaporeans have an ongoing love affair with the island paradise, there’s often not much to do when it’s raining except chill in your villa. But if you have the feels to go out and explore when the weather’s not on your side, we’ve found a lesser-known attraction to bookmark for your next trip there. 

Trans Studio Bali is an indoor theme park that’s a 10-minute drive from Seminyak, with a go-karting circuit, an outdoor roller coaster, and plenty of kid-friendly rides for the whole family. Here’s all you need to know about this underrated spot. 

Located inside Trans Studio Mall

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