Baker’s Brew Has Beautiful Christmas Desserts For Festive Feasts And Gifts

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Baker’s Brew Christmas cakes and desserts

Christmas time is coming, which means plenty of feasting opportunities are at the door. Every festive meal has to end off on a sweet treat, so if you’re looking for cakes and desserts to bring to your next dinner party, potluck, or yuletide event, check out Baker’s Brew.

The homegrown bakery has an array of beautiful festive sweet treats that double up as gifts too, for clients, or the foodies in your life. Before we get on to the must-haves, note that Eatbook readers will enjoy an exclusive 10% off the items mentioned with the code ‘BBSxEatboook10’, valid from now till 22 December.

A classic centrepiece for any Christmas feast is the Hazelnut Rocher Yule Log Cake ($48.80), which feeds six to eight. This elevates the yule log with decadent hazelnut mousse and a generous coating of milk chocolate and almonds for crunch. Pillowy dollops of praline whipped cream finish off each slice.

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