Bakeinc Has Cream Cheese Pandan Waffles For $2.20

3 weeks ago 40

Bakeinc has old-school pandan cream cheese waffles

We’re always on the lookout for some affordable, old-school waffles with interesting flavours to try. Halal-certified bakery chain Bakeinc offers pandan waffles in a range of flavours, including a cream cheese-filled waffle that was a refreshing change from the typical fare of peanut butter, kaya, and jam fillings you typically find.

While you may remember Bakeinc as one of the many reliable local bakery chains around for fresh bread and cakes, you may not know that they also make a mean old-school waffle! Their Plain Pandan Waffle costs just $1.70, with other fillings ranging from $1.80 for a simple Butter Waffle to $2.20 for more popular fillings including Strawberry, Chocolate, and Peanut

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