Bag Me Up Review: Unagi And Wagyu Beef Bagels At This Under HDB Bagel Shop Near Outram Park

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Bag Me Up has unagi and Wagyu beef bagels at Everton Park

I’ve only been with Eatbook for a month, but I’ve never seen anyone as obsessed with bagels as my colleagues. In fact, we even had an entire video of tasting the best bagels in Singapore⁠, which is probably more than enough proof of our love for bagels. 

We Found The Best Bagels In Singapore! | Taste Testers | EP 135

So, it wasn’t very hard to imagine our excitement when we caught wind of the latest opening in townBag Me Up, a new bagel house at Everton Park. Located along a row of aesthetic cafes, boutiques and bakeries, Bag Me Up offers a delicious range of unique bagel sandwiches.

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