Astons Self-Service Buffet Returns With 60-Min Free-Flow Sides & Salad From $15.90/Adult

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Astons Steak & Salad buffet

Astons got buffet,” I said, and it took a grand total of 0.5 seconds for “WHAT”s and “how”s to flood the group chat. In case you haven’t heard, the Western go-to indeed has a lesser-known buffet selection. At Astons Steak & Salad, located at The Centrepoint and Marina Square, find free flow sides and salad to go with your mains from just $15.90.

While the buffet is not new per se, you may be as surprised as us to discover this hidden gem. We sussed out the buffet below:

For more buffets options: 

Free-flow salad bar buffet at The Centrepoint & Marina Square outlets 

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