askST Jobs: Should you announce that you’re open to new jobs?

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Q: Is it advisable for me to indicate on professional networking platforms that I’m open to new jobs when I haven’t resigned from my current role?

A: Before indicating on public social media platforms whether you are open to work, you should weigh the pros and cons of how this can affect your current job, says Ms Jaya Dass, the regional managing director of permanent recruitment at Randstad Asia-Pacific.

“If you prefer to maintain privacy, conducting a job search without indicating your status may be the best approach.

“If you are working with a recruiter, you can let them know your privacy preferences, especially if you work in a small and connected industry.”

It is also crucial to evaluate potential risks around indicating your job search status, such as negative perceptions by current employers or colleagues, adds Ms Dass.

It is more common and acceptable to publicly indicate one’s openness to a new job in some industries and job roles than others, she notes.

“For creative industries such as advertising, design, film or publishing, there is less stigma around taking on multiple jobs.

“As there is an established culture of freelancing and moonlighting within these sectors, it is less taboo – if at all – to publicly indicate that one is available for work.”

The lack of stigma also applies to some technology specialists, such as software developers and cyber-security professionals who hold highly sought-after technical skills.

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