Asiana Airlines Passenger Allegedly Opens Plane Door 250m Above Ground, 9 Sent To Hospital

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He apparently also tried to jump out of the aircraft after opening the door.

By - 26 May 2023, 6:50 pm

Passenger Opens Asiana Airlines Plane Door Mid-Air, Gets Arrested

Those who sit by the emergency exit on planes are usually briefed on how to open the door quickly in case of an emergency. However, things can easily become dangerous if the emergency exit’s misused.

Earlier today (26 May), a passenger aboard Asiana Airlines’ Airbus A321 plane opened a door on the plane while it was still 250 metres above ground.

Thankfully, no one onboard sustained any serious injuries. South Korean police are currently looking into the incident.

Asiana Airlines passenger opens plane door mid-air on 26 May

According to Korean news site Yonhap News, a 33-year-old man onboard the Asiana Airlines flight from Jeju Island to Daegu pulled the door lever right before the plane was landing.

There were reportedly 194 people onboard the flight. Among them were 48 students who were on their way to a sports event in the southeastern city of Ulsan.

The male passenger allegedly pulled the lever to open a door in the left middle section of the aircraft.

Flight attendants could not stop him in time as the plane was about to land.

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