“Ashes are floating & scattered all the way to units!” — Resident calls out individuals burning items in bins

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SINGAPORE — An online user took to Facebook on Monday (Jan 23) to share a video of four people burning things in an open bin at Blk 667 CCK Crescent. Traditionally, burning offerings in burn barrels is a Chinese custom.

The resident who uploaded the video, however, complained about the ashes that were flying because of the group’s actions. “To this group of guys…be considerate. Use the eco burner provided. Ashes are floating and scattered all the way to units!” his post read.

In response to the video, however, commenters are divided on the issue. On the one hand, there were those who joined in on calling out the group’s actions.

“People like us and my children who’ve got asthma and breathing infection how?” wrote one commenter. “(Must we also) endure and bear with it? The worst is, my neighbour doesn’t even bother to go down and simply just burns it near their doorstep…what should I do?”

Another shifted the blame elsewhere, saying, “You are not supposed to burn in open bins. It’s (the) town council’s fault that they placed these bins. Report to TC and get them replaced.”

Still, another wrote “They shift the bin for their convenience…they don’t want to get sun burnt…might as well carry the bin into your house…they don’t care about others’ inconvenience.”

However, other netizens didn’t see a problem with the group’s actions, especially considering that they seemed only to be engaging in the Chinese New Year tradition.

“The wind was blowing (in) another direction and not towards your unit,” said one, while another wrote, “They didn’t do anything wrong.”

A few even said that the netizen could simply closer his window.

One gave this advice: “Well…I used to have such burning in my neighbourhood too. However, I just close my windows and door as I stay (on a lower floor). Just respect their practice and be kind to everyone.”

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