ArtScience Museum Has A New IG-Worthy VR Exhibit & Line-Up Of Local Films To Celebrate National Day

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New exhibits at the ArtScience Museum

At this point, there’s no way you haven’t heard of the ArtScience Museum. Even if you haven’t been, you would have at least walked past the lotus-shaped building while at Marina Bay Sands or seen the many pictures of the Future World exhibit that your friends won’t stop posting on social media.

Now, ArtScience Museum is bringing a new exhibit into its halls: We Live In An Ocean Of Air. Along with this exhibit, ArtScience Museum is also screening a number of local films this month, as part of their National Day Imaging Paradise programme. Here’s everything you can look forward to when you visit.

Get up close with nature in the VR gallery

First things first: the VR gallery is a permanent fixture at ArtScience Museum, but the exhibits rotate. Currently, the featured exhibit is called We Live In An Ocean Of Air. If the name rings a bell, it’s probably because you’re heard of it before – the experience previously sold out in London, even after being extended twice.

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