Are JR Trains The Best Option? We Compare Japan’s Different Modes Of Transport So You Don’t Have To

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The ultimate Japan transport guide – Which mode is better?

The excitement Singaporeans have for travelling to Japan is probably never going to die down. It’s the land of onsen towns, the prettiest cherry blossom spots, and Super Nintendo World, just to name a few. Whether you’ve been there a hundred times or have it on your bucket list, this Japan transport guide will come in handy when planning your itinerary.

We’ve created the ultimate guide comparing 5 modes of transport – train, bus, ferry, flight, and car – complete with prices so that your next trip is as smooth as purin

How do you travel to different cities in Japan?

There are several transport methods to travel to different cities in Japan including buses, trains, domestic flights, and ferries. The most popular way to travel, though, is by train. 

If you have an international driving license, you can also consider renting a car in Japan and driving around the country with the help of their sophisticated built-in navigation systems.

Type Average Cost* Best For
Train S$100-S$300 Travellers who prioritise speed and comfort
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