Apple Vision Pro app developers are blocked from certain data, but users should be grateful

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Apple’s security restrictions for the Vision Pro are creating roadblocks for app developers but future users will be glad to see the privacy protections in place.

Vision Pro launched only in the United States With back in February, with China and several other countries expected later this year. So it’s no surprise that app developers want to get a piece of the pie. However, according to The Information via 9to5Mac, Apple is limiting the types of apps that companies want to make.

Developers have complained that they can’t use the device’s in-built cameras. For example, Antony Vitillo, developer of AR fitness game HitMotion, stated that he wanted to access the product’s cameras so that users could ‘interact’ with real-world items like punching bags.

Apple Vision Pro’s privacy boundaries

However, Apple doesn’t let apps access that level of data for privacy reasons – and with good reason. It’s not too long ago that people will remember the controversy around the Google Glass AR headset.

Users were uncomfortable with the omnipresence of a camera on a headset, with widespread concerns about data protection and privacy.

Apple has long been known for strong privacy measures, so users and developers can expect it to be no less tight with this kind of a product, too. While some apps might want access to the camera for purely practical, useful reasons, opening up that door could also allow in some maliciously minded people or groups.

No matter how good the app might be, it’s likely not worth handing over potentially unlimited access to a camera that people will have on display in their homes. With recent data from HP,

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