Anwar’s Daughter Nurul Izzah Has Miscarriage, Shares Advice On Moving On

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Malaysian PM Anwar Ibrahim’s Daughter Shares News Of Miscarriage Of 4th Child

On Tuesday (24 Jan), Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s daughter, Nurul Izzah Anwar, took to Facebook to announce that she’d suffered a miscarriage.

In a poignant post on the social media platform, she detailed the hectic nature of the past few months due to GE15 and not being able to hug her parents since November.

The baby was Ms Nurul Izzah’s fourth child.

She also took the opportunity to share some words of advice on healing and moving on.

Malaysian PM Anwar Ibrahim’s daughter shares news of miscarriage

Posting on Facebook on 24 Jan, Ms Nurul Izzah summarised the difficulties of the past few months after Malaysia’s 15th general election.

Attaching a picture of her hugging her parents, she said:

Since 19 Nov, 2022, this will probably be the first time we hug.

Their family had been through much together, she added, from finishing their campaigning, contracting a second round of Covid-19 and receiving news of her pregnancy.

Ms Nurul Izzah had been busy with managing new tasks, going back to Penang and then Putrajaya when the miscarriage occurred.

“The little boot is gone,” she said.

Shares words of advice

Ms Nurul Izzah then said she has found solace following the tragedy.

“I think about all the women who went through the same episodes and experiences, even though their individual paths are different,” she said.

For those who had also been through such a loss, she offered them her “doa” and a reminder that life still carries on.

“And the splendour of joy and happiness &mda...

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