Amazon Braket wants to put you in a quantum computer

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As nascent quantum computing seeks its first real use cases, the cloud has risen as something of a quantum bazaar where pioneering organizations test out wares. 

In recent months, Amazon’s Braket cloud service showed itself as a very active platform for quantum developments. Such access to hardware and software via the cloud helps move quantum computing forward., providing pace for a field that has left many in wait-and-see mode.

This month, Amazon opened its doors to users of a photonic quantum computer from Canada’s Xanadu. It joins systems from D-Wave, IonQ, Rigetti and others on the list of supported Amazon Braket services. 

Players such as Google and Microsoft also continue to partner with a stream of startups to add quantum  software and hardware options that are linked to their and others’ quantum developer kits and hardware. 

These and others look to be part of a  quantum computing market Hyperion Research estimated to equal $490 million in 2021 and growing at 21.9% annually through to 2024. 

“It’s super-interesting that quantum technology is being developed in an age of cloud computing. It means people can experiment way earlier than they would have been able to otherwise,” said Steve Brierley, CEO of Riverlane, a Cambridge, U.K.-based  firm developing a Deltaflow Control system to automatically calibrate a range of quantum computers.

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