'Am I hindering others?': The fears and anxieties of taking the bus after becoming a wheelchair user

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Mr Mikail Wong (front) and Mr Kishon Chong on a bus during the public bus confidence course that aims to help people with disabilities regain confidence in taking public transport. (Photo: CNA/Grace Yeoh)

SINGAPORE: Waiting for the bus can make Mr Mikail Wong feel anxious. 

The 44-year-old became a wheelchair user due to a spinal injury two years ago, and sometimes thinks he’s “a bit troublesome” to other commuters. 

“When I’m going to take the bus, other commuters might look at me. I feel paiseh (embarrassed in Hokkien) ... Am I hindering others? Am I causing trouble to them? Luckily we wear masks. If no mask, even more paiseh,” he shared with CNA. 

Rainy days have been the greatest challenge thus far, as Mr Wong would have to map out another route to his destination.

“Those places that we go are quite regular, but for new places ... we don’t know whether there’s shelter along the way or whether there's a slope or ramp. I might need to go a longer distance to the next slope or ramp, and get wet in the rain,” he said...

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