AI Weekly: Microsoft’s new moves in responsible AI

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We may be enjoying the first few days of summer, but AI news never takes a break to sit on the beach, walk in the sun or fire up the BBQ.

In fact, it can be hard to keep up. Over the past few days, for example, all this took place:

  • Amazon’s re:MARS announcements led to media-wide facepalms over possible ethical and security concerns (and overall weirdness) around Alexa’s newfound ability to replicate dead people’s voices.
  • Over 300 researchers signed an open letter condemning the deployment of GPT-4chan.
  • Google released yet another text-to-image model, Parti.
  • I booked my flight to San Francisco to attend VentureBeat’s in-person Executive Summit at Transform on July 19. (OK, that’s not really news, but I’m looking forward to seeing the AI and data community finally come together IRL. See you there?)

But this week, I’m focused on Microsoft’s release of a

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