After 'crazy' growth, PRISM+ to launch smart home appliances, open retail stores

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SINGAPORE: Even if you don't own one of its products, you would probably have seen PRISM+ ads on social media, often marketed by young influencers. 

Fast becoming one of Singapore's most recognisable homegrown brands, PRISM+ was one of those that thrived during the pandemic, as people stuck at home snapped up its range of wallet-friendly televisions and computer monitors.

Now the brand wants to move beyond home entertainment and take a crack at home appliances.

“It’s a standard transition,” co-founder and managing director Jonathan Tan said in an interview with CNA this week. “Just like how you see Samsung and LG, they all have home appliances.”

The company is also setting up brick-and-mortar stores and plans to open up to six in Singapore by the end of this year.

PRISM+, which entered the market in 2017 with gaming monitors at eye-popping low prices, has grown its product range steadily over the years to include different types of computer monitors, televisions and more recently, soundbars.

The company has also ramped up its resources in warehousing, delivery and customer support over the years – all of which will lend well to its new line of business, he added.

“Given our success in Singapore and our core competencies, we think that we can provide a lot of value in home appliances like your aircons, fridges and washers.”

For now, PRISM+ is keeping its home appliance line-up under wraps and would only say that its first product will be launched in the early third quarter.

The coming quarter will also mark the opening of its first three retail stores.

Operating on a “direct to consumer” business model, which eliminates intermediaries such as distributors or other electronic retailers, PRISM+ rings up all of its sales online.

But the company firmly believes in offering customers an offline experience of its products, Mr Tan said, pointing to how the brand participated regularly in major electronics fairs prior to the pandemic. As safe-distancing measures eased, it has restarted atrium sales and other events recently. It also opened a pop-up shop within local furniture retailer HipVan’s experience store in Suntec City.

“We always thought that having offline experiences matter a lot because (these allow customers) to touch and feel,” said Mr Tan.

“Now that we are more established, we think t...

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