Afghanistan women protesting for right to go to school & work pepper-sprayed by Taliban

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The Taliban pepper-sprayed a group of women who took to the streets to demand for the right to work and education in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, AFP reported.

The #Taliban used electric shock and pepper spray to stop these #women from protesting. They’re only protesting to defend their fundamental rights. For the freedom of a nation.

— MyRedLine - خط سرخ من (@myredline_afg) January 16, 2022

About 20 women joined the protest on Jan. 16, which took place in front of the Kabul University.

The protestors, who reportedly carried banners that read "women's rights, human rights", chanted slogans such as "equality and justice" at the demonstration.

Subsequently, three vehicles carrying Taliban fighters arrived at the scene and dispersed the group of protestors.

One of the protestors had a gun pointed at her

A woman from the group told AFP that fighters from one of the vehicles used pepper spray on the protestors when they were near Kabul University.

The woman, who did not wish to be named due to security reasons, said that her right eye "started to burn" after being sprayed at.

"I told one of them (Taliban fighters): ‘Shame on you,’ and then he pointed his gun at me," she added.

One of the women had an allergic reaction in her eyes and face from the pepper spray, and was taken to the hospital, according to two protestors.

One of our law students in #Afghanistan tells @JURISTnews that a peaceful protest by women in Kabul today was broken...

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